Where do sessions occur?

Sessions can occur in studio, in your home or back yard, urban settings or park. Locations are chosen according to you and your pet.  Some dogs require a quiet setting do to reactivity and others can hand being photographed almost anywhere.  The perfect location can be determined during the pre-shoot consultation.

We do not to shoot in dog parks.  They are full of distractions!

When is the best time for an outdoor session?

We can shoot almost anytime of day depending on location.  The last 2 hours before sunset is the most ideal time to shoot outdoors.  The quality of light it beautiful and warm.  Please note this time of day is the most coveted & books up first.  Plan ahead.

My dog can’t be off leash, can we still shoot outdoors?

YES! Most of the dogs I photograph outdoors are on leash. I prefer a safety first policy.  Leashes are removed in Photoshop. It is best to have your dog in a flat collar rather than a harness and use a long lead.  I can provide a long lead if necessary.

I am an advocate for force free training. Prong collars and shock collars aren’t for me.  Please do not bring one to your session.

My dog is not really trained and a little nutty, can you still photograph them?

Yup!  Every session is unique and has its challenges.  I will work hard to find the best way to capture your dog. Sit and stay are great qualities but not required.

What if I need to reschedule?

Should a situation arise and a reschedule is needed that’s not a problem.  Please try to give notice as soon as possible.  Sometimes weather can be a factor for postponing a session.  Since weather can be unpredictable a postponement can happen  hours before a session.  I will make the call.  In fact I have been on my way to a session and we had to reschedule once we arrived due to a freak heavy rain shower.  Stuff happens!  Please remember that session fee are non-refundable.  But that doesn’t mean your fee is fore-fit, it just means it is transferred to the next date. 

Can I be in a picture with my dog?

You sure can!  It’s best to discuss all your portrait ideas and needs when you call to book and plan your session.  That way any clothing requirements to best enhance your portrait can be discussed.  The number of subjects in a portrait determines you package needs.

How long does it take before we can view the images? 

Images are ready to view with in 1 to 2 weeks after your session.  Certain times of the year are busier than others and can lead to a delay.  We try our best to get your viewing gallery ready as soon as possible.  It is always best to set up your viewing appointment for a week or 2 after your session.

Can I get digital files?

Yes, you can.  For every images printed you receive a matching high resolution digital file and print release.  Weather you are interested in 10 4×6 prints, a large wall canvas or an album, you will get a matching printable digital file of each edited image printed.